En janvier 2024 le lycée Jules Ferry a mis en place un échange ERASMUS+ avec le lycée BG/BRG Fürstenfeld en Autriche. Mme Brouillard, professeure d’anglais, a répondu présente aux sollicitations de Mme Julia Höfferer, professeur d’anglais et de français de cet établissement situé à une soixantaine de kilomètres de Graz. Elle voyait là une bonne opportunité d’ouvrir ses élèves à la culture européenne. La langue véhiculaire privilégiée serait l’anglais.

Dès lors, les deux enseignantes ont organisé un appariement entre 10 autrichiens et 10 élèves de la classe de 1°1. Des échanges se sont établis en classe et en dehors (activités écrites, envoi  de vidéos).

Le 4 avril dernier, nous avons eu la chance de recevoir durant quatre jours Mme Höfferer accompagnée de ses élèves et deux de ses collègues. Ce fut une belle opportunité pour faire connaissance et élaborer des projets futurs. Il a d’ailleurs été convenu que les élèves de Jules Ferry se rendraient à Fürstenfeld fin septembre prochain. Affaire à suivre !

Voici le récit de ce séjour vécu par les élèves de 1°1. Bravo à eux pour leur implication et leur enthousiasme dans cette aventure européenne ! Bonne lecture !

Arrival day and day at Jules Ferry

Thursday evening

-To start, we joined the class Thursday evening at Cannes train station with our families and we met the Austrian group there. It was around 8:25 p.m. because their train came from Italia, where they were in trip just before. We all were very excited to meet them! When they

arrived they seemed to be a bit tired but we all were happy. At first, it was a special feeling because we stood there, shy, and didn’t realize that this moment was happening in real life!

-After we welcomed them to France, we all talked together and everyone got back home with their family and their correspondent. They put their stuff in our house, we ate and everyone did some activities with their correspondent to get to know each other,talk about any subject..

Friday 5th
  • First of all, on Friday, April 5, we had our first hour of class: English. Each student showed up 1 by 1 even French students who had no correspondents. This time allowed us to discuss with the Austrians about them, their first trip to Italy, their school system and their way of life. It was nice that all the students participated and were interested.

Following this, we went to our usual classes and our correspondents were able to go to particular subject classes such as French or Spanish.

  • At 1 p.m. we all got together to eat together!

We had made 2 tables of 10 around with only students, without teachers. This moment brought us all closer together, we were able to discuss the differences and similarities between our countries and get to know each other even better. They were able to taste French food… I think they didn’t like it too much.
Clara D. et Emma L.   Première 1

Day at sainte Marguerite Island

We met at 10 am in the Cannes’s port to take the ferry. Indeed, we went to the saint marguerite island. It was a very good day and thank God we had a good weather.

First, we went to the museum located in the fort, it was about the history of the island and the man of iron mask. We had the opportunity to visit his former cells where he spent a lot his lifetime.

After that, we walked a little bit to find a place to eat. We finally find it next to the sea.

Next, we played a game. We had to slip into groups of 5 person. The groups had to be composed of Austrian and French students. The game consisted in taking selfies at different places of the island. For example, we had to take a picture with Saint Honorat Island in the background. When we finish the game, we played volleyball next to port of the island. Unfortunately, an Austrian student threw the ball in the water. But our hero Paul managed to recover the ball.

After this intense emotional moment, we took back the ferry at 4 pm to come back at Cannes.


To start this last day, we still met at Cannes around 11am. We then took a train to Nice. Due to a last minute organization, we had to split the group in two:

–  the first stopped in the city centre. The group went to visit St Nicolas Russian church. Then , after buying food they settled on the beach.

– the second group collected all the luggage (that is to say 13) and went down a stop further to  drop the suitcases at a student’s father. Then the group bought socca to make the Austrians taste this speciality from Nice. They finally joined the first group on the beach.

After lunch, we walked on the “Promenade des Anglais” up to the castle and their     waterfalls. Some students danced with their teacher to the music played by a passerby. We had a great panoramic view of Nice and we took lots of pictures.

We went down to the old Nice where we had an ice cream at Fenocchio. Finally we  said goodbye until we meet again next Autumn.

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